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Loyalty rewards and kids collectibles

A well-thought-out collectible program will not only drive traffic to your shops, it’s also an efficient way of connecting with your customers. Together, we’ll set up a unique short-term loyalty campaign tailored to your DNA and marketing plan.

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Branded promotional board games

A personalized board game for your brand? Wow! That’s what your customers will say when they receive your custom game. Cartamundi’s experts in play will help you create a tailor-made board game to suit your brand’s DNA.

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Promotional custom card games

A branded card game is the perfect loyalty gift for your clients and your team. After just a few rounds, they’ll remember your brand and logo for years to come. Plus, it’s fun and easy to take with you wherever you go.

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Eco-friendly paper toys

Our promotional paper toys, ranging from puzzles to figurines, can take any shape or form you’d like. Their unique selling point? These premiums are made of sustainably sourced paper. They are plastic-free and easily recyclable. A perfect fit for your sustainable brand.

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Want to add a layer of fun to your loyalty campaigns and corporate promotional gifts? Our experts in play will bring your ideas to life.

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