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At Cartamundi we are committed to maintaining an open culture of compliance, good corporate governance, and ethical behaviour with the highest standards of honesty and accountability, in which people we work with can speak up and report concerns in confidence.

If you notice misconduct, unethical behaviour, illegal practices, or other compliance issues in the course of your interaction with us, speak up and let us know!

Report a concern

Reporting methods

Several reporting methods are available irrespective of your work relationship with Cartamundi.
If we know who you are, it makes it easier for us to review the matter and take the appropriate actions. However, if you prefer to report anonymously, it is ok too.

Which reporting methods are available? How do I report a concern? Can I report anonymously?
Personal contact (telephone, email, meeting) Internal to Cartamundi: contact your immediate manager or their superior, or your HR representative
External to Cartamundi: contact your designated Cartamundi contact person or their superior
Your report will be handled locally and may be escalated to the VP Group Compliance as needed
Local reporting method where available Check your local procedure for details
Your report will be received locally and may be escalated to the VP Group Compliance as needed
See your local procedure
Speak up! form on Cartamundi website Fill out the Speak Up! form (local languages available via links).
Your report will be directed to the relevant local impartial representatives within Cartamundi and to the VP Group Compliance
Yes, if you are sending the form using a public computer so that no IP address can be linked to you and if you do not provide your name and personal email address or provide an email address that does not identify you.
Compliance mailbox Send an email to: compliance@cartamundi.com
Your report will be received by the VP Group Compliance
Yes, if you are sending your report from an email address that does not identify you and if you are using a public computer so that no IP address can be linked to you

What should you expect?

Whether you chose to report your concern in person or via one of our secured reporting channels, Cartamundi will handle your concern in a diligent and confidential manner to ensure due investigation and follow-up of the matter and feedback on the status of the matter you have raised and the measures we are taking within a reasonable timeframe in accordance with applicable laws.

Cartamundi has appointed impartial persons who are competent to follow up on reported concerns and who will maintain communication with the whistleblower and, where necessary, ask for further information from and provide feedback to the whistleblower. These impartial persons may be internal and/or external to Cartamundi, depending on the location and circumstances.

To the extent legally allowed, Cartamundi will protect your identity and the identity of any other person involved in the report.

Cartamundi will not tolerate any type of retaliation against individuals who report concerns honestly and in good faith.

Want to know more about how we handle reports? Check out our Speak up! Information.

Other resources

We are confident that issues can be dealt with “in house” using our secured reporting channels. We acknowledge that there may be circumstances that justify reporting issues to competent authorities.

In any case, making information on wrongdoing available in the public domain should be carefully considered as you may not be guaranteed the same protection against retaliation under applicable law. In general, you should only use public disclosure as last recourse when internal and external reporting channels have failed or would not provide adequate protection, or in case of imminent or manifest danger to the public interest.