Cartamundi - Corporate Governance

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Board of directors

The Board of Directors is in charge of defining the company’s strategy, elaborating external growth, investments, and appointing the management.

  • Stefaan Merckx
    CEO Cartamundi Group
  • Jean-Louis de Cartier de Marchienne
    Chairman-Board Member
  • Emile de Cartier de Marchienne
  • Frederic de Somer
  • Dimitri de Somer
  • Pierre Bosseloo
  • Arnaud de Cartier de Marchienne

Executive Committee

External auditors

  • Stefaan Merckx
    CEO Cartamundi Group
  • Steven Schoenmaekers
    EVP Global Accounts & Innovation
  • Istvan Lagaert
    CFO Cartamundi Group
  • Steven Nietvelt
    CTIO Cartamundi Group
  • Paul Roberts
    VP Corporate Programes
  • David Germis
    EVP Publishers Europe
  • Tinneke Baeyens
    Group General Counsel
  • Ana Carolina Gonçalves
    EVP Retail & Industry Latin America
  • Philip Wauters
    EVP Publishers North America
  • Candice Bosteels
    Chief HR Officer
  • Michael Slaughter
    EVP Retail & Industry North America
  • Ann Viaene
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Stefan Luther
    EVP Retail & Industry Europe

External auditors

  • Ernst & Young
    Company auditors