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Quality premiums, designed by you? Sure! Our paper toys and games offer an engaging, interactive experience and let children build something they can be proud of. Your audience will spend several minutes piecing together your DIY figurine or promotional puzzle. That’s a lot of time spent looking at your branding.

Do you want to launch a reward campaign? Let’s create multiple paper toys and set out a storyline in which every character adds to the gameplay. Who wouldn’t want to collect them all?

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What is an eco-friendly paper toy?

Our sustainable paper toys can take any shape or form you’d like. These eco-friendly, plastic-free promotional toys capture the imagination and invite all ages to craft and play. Design a fun branded puzzle or custom constructible figurine to match your brand’s DNA. Or create several items, each adding to the gameplay to make your premiums sought-after collectibles!

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Why a paper toy?

Today’s consumers prefer brands that drive the transformation towards a sustainable economy. Our paper toys are designed to do just that: they are made of sustainably-sourced paper and are plastic-free and easily recyclable.

Our craftable, DIY figurines, custom puzzles and tangrams provide fun as well as educational benefits. They allow children to explore their creativity, improve their dexterity and build something they can be proud of.

Cartamundi is the expert in play. Our creative team will help you design and produce a set of puzzles or figurines, each adding to the gameplay and making your premiums collectible items your clients will come back for. We can even create a multi-dimensional universe connecting paper to pixels. Through a QR-code and custom app, your audience will be able to step into your digital world and easily share their experiences on social media.

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How do I personalize my advertising toy?

There are plenty of ways to make paper toys suit your brand. A craftable figurine can take any shape you want: animals, sports teams, brand mascots, airplanes – you name it, we make it. Or opt for a jigsaw puzzle or tangram to suit your brand’s visual identity.

Choose one of the many designs from our Cartalogue and customize it with your brand’s logo. Or put our creative team to work and design a paper toy from scratch. We will integrate your brand DNA every step of the way.

To really wow your audience, complement the paper experience with a digital universe. Our talented creatives and game experts will happily bring your vision to life.

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How does it work?

Whether you choose to personalize one of our existing designs from the Cartalogue or decide to create your own, the result is bound to conquer your customers’ hearts.

Do you want to use an existing concept?

  • Discover the many options in our Cartalogue.
  • Tell us what you need. How do you want your paper toy customized? How many do you need and how fast do you need them? Do you already have artwork and copy to fit the toy?
  • Your paper promotional toys will be produced and packaged in a Cartamundi facility near you, then shipped to the address of your choice.

Do you want to create a paper toy from scratch?

  • Get in touch and share your ideas with our creatives.
  • You’ve already done the work and just need to have your paper toys executed? Send us the files and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Starting from scratch? Our creative team will help you bring your vision to life through a strong concept and excellent execution.
  • Your paper premiums will be produced and packaged in a Cartamundi facility near you, then shipped to the address of your choice.


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Your audience will love piecing together your paper toy. As they decorate a mantel or feed a child’s imagination, they make an excellent physical reminder of your brand. Get in touch and book a free consultation to talk about what we can do for you.