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Create your own high-quality custom deck of playing cards with Cartamundi’s Custom Playing Cards platform – from just 200 decks!

In cardistry and magic, playing cards serve as an extension of the cardists and magicians themselves and the artform they represent. In recent years, there has been an increased desire for cardists and magicians to customize their playing cards to add a personal touch to flourishes and routines. This tendency has been fueled by the continuous growth of the cardistry and magic communities, along with the rise of crowdfunding as a way of bringing custom playing card projects to life, with creators launching campaigns on platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

However, access to high-quality, customized playing cards has long been limited, and the process of having your own design printed on a deck has often been complex and time consuming, with multiple price quotations and challenging minimum order quantities (MOQs). With our Custom Playing Cards platform, we have reduced the number of hoops and increased the accessibility for anyone wanting to print custom playing cards – with no compromise on quality.

Whether you are a large, well-established company or an individual first-time creator – or anything in between – Cartamundi’s Custom Playing Cards platform can help you realize your project, be it large or small.

Fast and easy, low minimum order quantity and preferential online price

Using Cartamundi’s Custom Playing Cards platform is as simple as can be. Simply select the packaging for your deck, choose your order quantity, upload your personal design and make payment. Using the platform is fast and easy, and you remain in full control throughout the entire process. You can download all the necessary templates right there, and if you have questions concerning design specifications, you will find all the information at hand.

All custom decks ordered via the platform are of standard poker size and contain 56 cards, which can be individually customized on both sides (front and back). To complete your deck, you can choose to have your cards delivered in a custom printed tuckbox featuring your unique design. Cartamundi’s Custom Playing Cards platform offers a low minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 200 decks, but you can order up to 1,000 right there online.

Our Custom Playing Cards platform is open 24/7, removing all time zone constraints, and on top of that, we offer a preferential price on all orders placed there. Visit the Cartamundi Custom Playing Cards platform to learn more about the options available for your customized deck.

Custom Playing Cards Cartamundi – 4 steps

In just 4 simple steps, you can create your own custom playing cards.

TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH and SlimLine stock – tailor-made for cardistry and magic

All playing card decks ordered via the Custom Playing Cards platform use the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH, which you may already know… Butterfly Playing Cards by Ondřej Pšenička, Regalia by Shin Lim, Diva playing cards by Alexandre Matencio, Cube Lines by Bas John and recent decks by Daniel Madison are just some examples of custom decks that use the superb TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH – along with our very own COPAG 310.

The TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH is developed especially for cardistry and magic, and is trusted by expert cardists and magicians because of its supreme handling and longevity. This finish is the result of intense R&D and more than 300 prototypes, tried and tested.

At Cartamundi, we highly value community feedback, and we are grateful for all the people who reach out directly to let us know how we can make our products even better. Since we printed the first custom decks using a combination of the TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH and the Superlux stock, the most recurring feedback from the playing card community was that the handling and durability of the cards were amazing, but that they were just slightly too thick. We decided to listen to the end-users and went into further R&D. The result is our proprietary SlimLine stock, which is thinner than Superlux (5-6 card to be more exact), while preserving the same snappy feel and soft touch that distinguished this former stock.

With the Cartamundi Custom Playing Cards, we want to enable everyone to make their own, personalized deck of playing cards using the unique combination of our TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH and our proprietary SlimLine stock. So, if you have created a flawless playing card design that will look amazing in flourishes and spinning moves or when shot through the air, or if you have developed the perfect marking system for magic routines, use the Cartamundi Custom Playing Cards platform to bring your project to life. The design possibilities are endless, the only limits being those of your imagination…

Quality playing cards since 1765

At Cartamundi, the printing presses have been running since 1765, and as an industry leader in our field, we take great pride in delivering the highest possible quality to our customers. All playing card decks using the TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH are made in the heart of Europe at Cartamundi headquarters in Turnhout, Belgium – including all orders placed via the Custom Playing Cards platform.

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Visit the Cartamundi Custom Playing Cards platform to learn more about the options for printing your personalized deck with the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH.