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  • “The seemingly unlimited creative challenges we receive from our customers, allow us to push our own limits and to excel at what we do.”

    Peter De Weerdt

    Global Key Account Manager

    Key Account Manager Peter De Weerdt of Cartamundi holding a printed sheet of Magic the Gathering cards in front of his face. Pressroom, playing cards, TCG
  • “Creativity is a mindset, not a skill.”

    Miguel Albaladejo

    Creative Strategist

    Miguel Albaladejo Creative Strategist Cartamundi
  • “Working for the best company in it’s field is a privilege. Making their best products even better is a dream.”

    Marco Dehouwer

    Project Engineer

    Marco Dehouwer Project Engineer Cartamundi
  • “We are a world reference in our industry. We ensure that our customers have absolute confidence in our ability to deliver sustainable quality products, on time, every time.”

    Katrijn Vanparys

    Group Product Integrity Manager

    Katrijn Van Parys Product Integrity Manager Cartamundi
  • “Cartamundi is in full evolution and logistics is an essential part of this: new challenges cross our path daily.”

    Peter Donies

    Logistics Manager

    Peter Donies Logistics Manager Cartamundi Warehouse
  • “At Cartamundi we live by a golden rule: keep playing. You’ ll stay young at heart, and connect with others.”

    Marco van Haaften

    International Marketing Director

    Marco van Haaften Corporate Marketing Service Manager Cartamundi