Cartamundi - Make My Game competition – SPIEL Essen 2018

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Win a free prototype of your own game concept!

The eight winners of the competitions have now been found! Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

In order to win, you had to answers to questions:

  1. How many boardgames did Cartamundi manufacture on a global scale in 2017?
  2. How many Monopoly houses and hotels do you think there are in total in the display that is part of the counter at our booth?


As you would see on our booth at SPIEL Essen 2018, the correct answer for question 1 is 60,225,937, whereas the correct answer for question 2 is 5,517. We did not receive any correct answers for question 2, but some of you got really close – those who entered with eight closest answers (and also answered the first question correctly) are the winners. In the order of who got closest, the eight winners are:

Henrik Gidmark (5,690)
Matthias Georg (5,000)
Oliver Centeno (5,000)
Arend Feller (4,913)
Tybalt López Fabios (6,175)
Alexandre Mirzabekiantz (6,237)
Rebecca Mirzabekiantz (6,262)
Simon Arndt (4,590)

Congratulations to all the winners – you have been contacted directly via the email addresses you used when making your entries.

If you want to learn more about Cartamundi and our prototyping services, you can get in touch via our website or visit the Make My Game platform!

Terms and conditions for participation:
This competition is hosted by Cartamundi Turnhout and will have a total of eight individual winners, that is, two per day of SPIEL Essen 2018 (October 25 to October 28). The eight winners will be those whose entries answer both questions correctly. If more than eight correct entries are received, the eight winners will be randomly drawn (using a computer process that produces verifiably random results) from the total pool of entries answering the question correctly. If no or less than eight correct entries are received, the answers closest to the correct answer will win. In the case that no correct answers are received and more than eight similar answers closest to the correct answer are received, winners will be randomly drawn (using a computer process that produces verifiably random results). Each participant can make a maximum of one entry for the period (October 25, 2018 to October 28, 2018). Participants are only able to win once. The eight winners of the competition will be drawn on Monday, October 29 (right after SPIEL 2018), and be publicly announced (full name) on this website ( on the same day. The eight winners will furthermore be contacted directly via email, by which they will also receive their prize. The prize that each winner will receive is defined as 1 voucher code for 1 assembled board game prototype. This voucher code is valid for one single use on the Make My Game platform ( An assembled board game prototype is understood as 1 assembled board game box incl. components (the box selection must be made between a predefined variety of standard-size boxes, and the amount and dimensions of components must fit inside the box). The voucher code is valid until October 29, 2019, and it covers an assembled board game prototype with a maximum value of €400 incl. shipping. The prizes are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. The voucher code is only valid for the Make My Game platform ( and the predefined components and design specifications available (e.g. box sizes, pawns, etc.) on this platform. Furthermore, the ability of the eight winners to customize their prizes (1 assembled board game prototype per winner) is limited to the predefined customization options of the Make My Game platform ( For potential customization, winners must themselves produce and provide all artwork – Cartamundi does not provide design services for the winner.