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What makes Origin Touch cardistry cards different from other playing cards? They’re not playing cards. Playing cards are made to play games, while cardistry decks such as this one, are made to perform tricks. The production requires a completely different approach. So for the Origin Cardistry Deck, Cartamundi reconsidered their entire development process.



One of the most anticipated card decks is the Origin Touch Cardistry deck, created by Cardistry Touch and developed by yours truly. Cardistry was brand new to Cartamundi, making the development of the card deck challenging – but equally rewarding.


Starting with a clean sheet


When Cardistry Touch co-founders Dimitri Arleri and Ladislas Toubart designed a deck for the mere purpose of cardistry, they didn’t want to compromise on anything. They kept brainstorming and improving their ideas for years, without knowing whether they could put it to practice. Cartamundi saw its potential and contacted Ladislas. After the two guys presented their revolutionary idea, Cartamundi took on the challenge.


How do you start creating a deck of cards from scratch? What type of cardboard will you use, and how will you cut the cards? What kind of varnish do you need, and what should the box look like? For the Origin deck, Cartamundi designers had to forget everything they knew and start with a clean sheet.


“I’m very grateful to have been a part of this project from the beginning till the end. Although it has been a nerve-racking experience, including endless testing, 150 prototypes and countless designs, it has all been worth it. We learned a lot from this project and the people we collaborated with. Without a doubt, this will help us to stay the number 1 in the playing card industry.”


Jirs Huygen – Playing Card Ambassador, Cartamundi


150 prototypes later


Everyone involved put in the hours to create something completely different from what is already out there. Two years of rethinking and refining later – including 150 prototypes – we present Origin Touch.


So, what makes these cards so special? The Origin deck features a unique geometrical design, especially made for fanning. Depending the way you fan, new patterns come to life: a mesmerizing whirlpool of colours spin around a fixed white dot in the middle. High-end techniques and top quality expertise are necessary to centre the design perfectly and to provide thin borders on the backs. A brand new knife allowed a very clean cut, so that the edges feel smoother than any other deck. It’s safe to say that these cards are the crème de la crème in cardistry world.


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