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This is the crucial phase right before we send your product into production. Our team of experts has an eye for detail, and will help you make the sometimes hard last-minute decisions about your product. We will show you pre-press results, make mock-ups , and do proof prints until you are sure you are completely satisfied with the result.

Do you have a question on this pre-production stage, get in touch!

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Co-creation is how we like to get started on a project. Understanding your needs as a client first, fine-tuning your ideas, and then working together closely to translate these ideas into an actual game mechanism, a design concept or even a mobile application. Together we can come up with results that exceed your expectations.

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Fully developing a game takes a great deal of expertise in a number of specific fields. From the very start of your project, one of our project managers will stay in close contact with you, making sure deadlines are respected, and helping you make informed decisions about product optimisation, cost-efficiency, or possible partners to outsource specific parts of the production. Our various consultants also have the knowledge needed to make sure your product meets the demands stipulated in toy legislation and product safety standards.

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Cartamundi aims high when it comes to after-sales services. We make sure your product is ready to be shipped, treated with care, and delivered on time. Reliability is key in everything we do.

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