Dear game lovers, this is one for you, with love. Love from established games pioneers to the future ones. We believe games are awesome and we want to share it with fellow game enthusiasts. Whether you aim to become the next game guru or you’re contemplating a family game, we want to get your ideas out of your heads and onto the table with The White Box.

The White Box is a game design workshop, in a box. It is a tool made for game designers to create, plan and prototype your tabletop game. Play around with myriad generic components such as wooden cubes, plastic discs, six-sided dices, punchboard sheets and more. Also, it includes The White Box Essays, a 128-page book about how to make games, how to use randomness, what to ask play testers and so on.

Jeremy Holcomb, professor of game design at the DigiPen Institute of Technology, created The White Box. He earned his credits with The Duke, Timestreams and plenty of other titles. The majority of The White Box Essays are his thoughts, ideas and years of experience put to paper. Furthermore, he specified the prototyping components in The White Box.

Does Doctor Who Time Clash, Horus Heresy, and Eternal Lies ring a bell? The designs originate from Jeff Tidball’s hand, co-founder of Gameplaywright and Chief Operating Officer of Atlas Games. He took charge of the production and publication of The White Box and wants to make game design accessible to anyone: “The White Box is a perfect extension of our love for games, our excitement about creating them, and our belief that anyone who has an idea for a game can bring it to life with some solid information and plenty of hard work.”

Gameplaywright is a publishing company dedicated to publishing non-fiction about game design, storytelling, and the work of creating both. The White Box is its fourth release. For over 25 years, Atlas Games has been publishing hobby games, including the beloved card games Gloom, Once Upon a Time, and the award-winning roleplaying games Unknown Armies, Feng Shui, and Are Magica.

Cartamundi believes playing games makes people socially and emotionally wiser. Through 250 years of experience in innovation and manufacturing, the company helps to bring great card and board games into the world. It wants to share its experience to support initiatives like The White Box. Steven Schoenmaekers, VP Games Manufacturing Services explains:  “We’re proud to play a part in giving game designers and enthusiasts as well as young crafters the chance to create their own game. We want to be a great manufacturing partner for the creation of card and board games.”

Have you got any questions? You are welcome to reach out to Jeff Tidball via:
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  • The White Box - press release

    Cartamundi is proud to take part as European manufacturer of The White Box, a game design workshop-in-a-box by Jeremy Holcomb and Jeff Tidball.


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