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How to play a Happy Families Card Game?

Children playing Happy Families Card Game

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Look at the symbols at the top of the cards. This game has 8 families (families A through H). Each family has 4 cards. You can easily recognize the cards of a family as they all feature the same letter, the same colour and the same character.

The object of the game is to collect as many families as possible.

Deal out all the cards so that every player gets an equal number of cards. The dealer starts by asking another player for a card needed to complete a family. If the other player has the card he must give it to you. You may continue asking for cards until you make a mistake. When a mistake is made the player who was asked for his card takes his turn to request cards. That player can retake the cards taken in the previous round. When a player gathers a family he must put the 4 cards face down on the table in front of him. The player who collects the most sets is the winner!

Download here the Game rule of Happy Families Card Game   (available in different languages).

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