Parksons Cartamundi Private Limited, the largest manufacturer of playing cards and collectible cards in India, is proud to officially inaugurate its brand-new solar plant. The plant will have an energy output of max. 650 kWh, fulfilling approximately 50% of the daytime energy usage in the production facility.
Kapil Kejriwal, Executive Director at Parksons Cartamundi stated: “We’ve taken this step to move towards more sustainable production”.

An essential milestone on the path to sustainability

The inauguration event was attended by a host of executives including Cartamundi CEO Stefaan Merckx, CEO of Cartamundi Digital Ventures Paul Roberts, Managing Director at Parksons Cartamundi Sajjan B. Kejriwal, and Executive Director at Parksons Cartamundi Kapil S. Kejriwal. The entire management team of Parksons Cartamundi was also proud to attend.

After the inauguration stone was unveiled by Stefaan Merckx, the executive team explained to the attendees how this project will be an essential milestone on the company’s path to sustainable operations. Dignitaries were then invited to inspect the new solar plant.

The inauguration event concluded with a congratulatory message from Stefaan Merckx and Paul Roberts to all attendees.

Proudly made in India

The project marks an ambitious move for Parksons Cartamundi, and a testament to the company’s self-reliance and Indian pride.

“The solar project kicked off in May 2022 starting with the plant and system design, and was fully financed with our own capital. The equipment arrived in phases starting from June till August 2022. And the plant installation work got completed in the 3rd week of September 2022”, says Kapil Kejriwal.

Furthermore, all equipment procured for the solar plant was assembled in India, thus promoting the Indian government’s “Atmanirbhar Bharat” (Made in India).

The plant will have a maximum energy output of 650 kWh. This will fulfil approximately 50% of the production facility’s daytime energy usage.

Commitment to sustainability

The production of the new solar power plant demonstrates Parksons Cartamundi’s commitment to ushering in a new era of sustainable operations.

“We’ve taken this step to move towards more sustainable production”, says Kapil Kejriwal. “Our commitment is the prime reason behind this initiative. We have an aim of using renewable energy as much as permitted by the regulatory agencies”.

Moreover, the solar plant will bring a number of other benefits to the company, including an improved reputation in the global toy and game market, and a reliable stream of self-produced energy that will partially insulate the company from the fluctuations of the energy market.

Moving towards a more sustainable India

This initiative is a significant boon for the company that is also welcomed by the Indian Government. Having signed the Paris Agreement in 2016, the government updated its pledge in August 2022. The nation has pledged to generate 175 GW of renewable energy this year. 100 GW of this is to come from solar energy.

“We’re happy to contribute to the greater good”, concludes Kapil Kejriwal.

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