In collaboration with Gluon, Cartamundi invites artists to submit a proposal for the development and realization of a new artwork during a two-month residency at the headquarters of Cartamundi. The result of this collaboration will be exposed on several prestigious international locations.

This call is a unique opportunity for artists to spend time in the R&D lab of Cartamundi, world’s leading manufacturer of playing cards and board games. Therefore, Gluon and Cartamundi offer a two-month residency at the Cartamundi headquarters in Turnhout, Belgium. The goal of this residency is to create an artwork that utilizes and challenges Cartamundi’s latest iCard technologies to trigger imagination. At Cartamundi they believe that the moment technology becomes invisible, magic takes over in the eye of the beholder.

Games are being played all over the world, and the effects of playing games together are universal. It teaches you strategy, morality, psychology, tactics, politics, diplomacy and more. Playing games together shapes you as a person,
both socially and emotionally. You learn to deal with loss and bad luck, as well as with conflict and frustration. But you also learn how to be a proud, but noble winner. Playing games makes us wiser. And the world could really use some extra wisdom, right?

But the gaming landscape is evolving. The ‘Internet of Things’ has an effect on how we think about card and board games. That is why we invite you – artists – to contribute to Cartamundi’s research into the future of card and board games by bringing an artistic perspective through artistic practices. This should lead to the development of a prototype for a new work, based on Cartamundi’s latest iCard technologies.

You won’t overcome these challenges alone of course. At Cartamundi you’ll have a team of engineers, designers, developers, concept artists and manufacturing experts that will happily assist you during this two month process. You’ll even be able to make prototypes and run tests on the go. Following the two month residency the manufacturing of the artwork will be done in-house by Cartamundi

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