TURNHOUT, January 8, 2021 – Cartamundi, the world's leading manufacturer of games and playing cards, is building a Global R&D Center in Turnhout. The center will set the pace of Research and Development in the Cartamundi Group and will work closely with Cartamundi’s R&D departments around the world. The investment will also strengthen Cartamundi’s bonds with the Campine region.

“Cartamundi is growing and evolving constantly. This calls for a central vision and strategy for R&D. We’re now taking a major step to seize even more opportunities for innovation,” says Steven Nietvelt, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer at Cartamundi.
The R&D Center will be crucial for Cartamundi’s strength and digital transformation. “A team of engineers will devise solutions to innovate and digitize our production, products, and processes,” Nietvelt explains.


Innovation campus for the Campine region

Construction work for the R&D Center started in November. Cartamundi will occupy a 600 m² facility on the Open Manufacturing Campus (OMC) in Turnhout. “The OMC is an incubator for innovation in the Campine region. By establishing a presence there, a stone’s throw from our head office, we can focus fully on innovation and be part of a community of leading-edge manufacturers,” says Nietvelt. “The products and processes we develop there will enable us to continue delivering on our purpose of Sharing the Magic of Playing Together.”


Local roots

The Global R&D Center will coordinate the Cartamundi Group’s worldwide R&D projects. It will also consolidate Cartamundi’s position in Flanders and the Campine region. “The combination of global and local makes me particularly proud,” says Steven Nietvelt. “Cartamundi was born in Turnhout, so it’s here that we want to invest and create jobs. Because we’ll only achieve genuine success if we bring added value to our community.”
After two years of preparation, the first research projects at the Global R&D Center will start in January. Cartamundi will begin recruiting for the R&D Center shortly.


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