Saturday November 4th, New York City took center stage as it hosted the highly anticipated Cardtopia event, a celebration of cards, bringing together card enthusiasts from around the globe. The event showcased the collective strength of Cartamundi’s people and brands, engaging and co-creating with passionate card communities.

An early morning queue and a jam-packed day

The excitement was palpable from the early morning hours as eager attendees queued up, eager to be part of this extraordinary experience. Cardtopia emerged as a comprehensive celebration of card culture, featuring a diverse program that catered to the various facets of card aficionados.

A spectacular showcase of talent, united by their love for cards

From spectacular card throwers and captivating cardists to mesmerizing magicians, intriguing tarot readers, creative card designers, and world-renowned poker players, the event displayed the diversity and depth of card expertise in a truly remarkable fashion. The inclusion of a Roblox Cardtopia setup added a unique touch to the event. In addition to these phenomenal acts, Bicycle fans and history enthusiasts gathered to explore the rich heritage of this iconic brand.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Cardtopia was the unity it fostered. People from diverse backgrounds, interests, and cultures came together, united by their shared love for cards. The event reaffirmed the universal appeal of cards, both now and in the future.

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