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Tradition meets modern life

Although the history of ASS Altenburger goes all the way back to 1765, the brand brings traditional local card games into modern times. ASS Altenburger is a love brand for many Germans and Austrians.

ASS Altenburger: solid playing cards since 1765

ASS Altenburger is one of the oldest known companies for the development and production of playing in Europe.

“Sharing the magic of playing together” is our passion.

We create unforgettable moments with family and friends through our well-known and appreciated games, made in high quality, with the experience of 250 years of craftsmanship and a sharpened, sustainable view of the future.

Our Products are made with sustainability in mind, using materials that are eco-friendly, recycled or biodegradable, such as vegetable ink and water-based varnishes.

In Altenburg, we produce more than just a card game. Our portfolio is large and ranges from games with popular everyday heroes from film and television, as well as traditional classics in their popular but also new look.

It is always played. People have always played. People play everywhere. Even if the media vary again and again, playing cards and board games are a real constant. They are timeless. Whether young or old – there is no better way to “play away” boredom than together.

When people come together and play games, it’s something special, something magical. Anyone who has ever played a game can confirm that. We give everything for this moment.

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