Cartamundi - Jeff Tidball shares his tips and tricks on game design

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We were delighted to welcome Jeff Tidball, the COO of Atlas Games, at a Cartamundi Event during Spiel 2017. The annual four-day board game trade fair in Essen (Germany) was the perfect setting for Tidball’s inspiring speech on creative games design.


Tidball has been employed at Atlas Games since 1996, designing and publishing all types of role-playing and board games. Some of the best-known Atlas games include ‘Gloom’, ‘Once Upon A Time’ and the role-playing games ‘Ars Magica’, ‘Unknown Armies’ and ‘Feng Shui’. Tidball is also the co-founder of Gameplaywright, a publisher of non-fiction books on game design and storytelling.


As an award-winning independent game designer, Tidball has also been involved in the creation of numerous successful games. Some of his finest accomplishments are ‘Eternal Lies’, ‘Horus Heresy’ – a mammoth board game of the Warhammer 40,000 universe’s foundational battle – and ‘Pieces of Eight’ – a pirate-ship combat game, played with minted coins.


Tidball’s most recent project is ‘The White Box’, a learning, planning and prototyping tool for board game designers. This project was brought to life via crowdfunding, and it proved a great success, funding more than ten times its original goal.


In this blog, we’ll be sharing Tidball’s most valuable tips and tricks on the creative aspects of game design and game publishing. So stay tuned for more videos!


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