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You played cards with your grandmother and you will with your children too. At Cartamundi we are observing an increase in the popularity and demand of playing cards. We see a bright future ahead. How? Game manufacturers and card designers are constantly questioning themselves and offer innovative ideas for your altering needs. Read on and discover the new trends in playing cards.

Playing cards

#1 Revival of playing together

We increasingly connect with our mobile devices, but sometimes we simply crave a digital detox from the daily buzz. What better way to realize this than with a card game? Enjoy being in the moment and make a connection with the people around you. You’ll forget about your phone in a heartbeat.

#2 It connects generations

Playing cards creates a bridge between people from different generations. Setting up doesn’t require a lot of time and a deck of cards fits in almost every pocket. Did you know that many regions and families have their own signature game? Ask your friends and their parents which is their favourite. Belote Not Dead strives to polish up the image of playing cards by gathering game fanatics from all ages around the table. And boy how it works!

#3 Card tricks & magic

Harry Potter impressed the world with his magic. For example, Belgium has got its own magic master. Nicholas showed his card tricks on a national TV-show. He currently hosts a programme on National Geographic and was featured in the DMC show. Such great artists sparked a revival of card games. We’re proud to call him a loyal Cartamundi customer.

#4 Innovative technology

Technology lifts your game experience to a whole different level. Many card games integrate modern applications and innovative engineering. Now a physical trading game holding 385+ cards turns into an augmented reality experience. Cartamundi manufactures these cards. A unique code is printed on the border. Scan them with a app and watch these cards come to live. Thanks to our Cartamundi Digital team we build a bridge between the physical and the digital world with programmes such as the iCards.

#5 Unique design

The growth in popularity isn’t only good for business, it boosts creativity. Game designers seek inspiration and are stimulated to think outside of the box, putting their unique design on the map. We can’t wait to see what astonishing cards will roll off our Cartamundi presses in the future. From high quality printing to special techniques: we’ve got you covered.

#6 Crowdfunding

Have you been walking around with an awesome idea for a card game? Thanks to crowdfunding you could be holding your concept in your hands. Cartamundi is a proud supporter of new ideas and designs. Our digital press allows us to print decks of a smaller circulation. Send us an e-mail and we’ll see you around the table.