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Safety legislation

Since a few years Cartamundi obtained the certificates ISO9001 and ISO14001, which provides guidelines for the constant improvement of quality and environmental management, but our efforts go much further.
Because of Cartamundi’s varied and growing range of products and customers, our quality managers nowadays are often part of new projects from their very beginning, in order to adapt the entire production process to the specific needs of certain customers and products. In this way we can, for example, follow the rules of Cosmetics Legislations Forum for the production of face paint cards, while respecting a customer’s requirements of food safety on a different production line. Similarly, for digital products, we always meet our customers’ demands regarding IP protection on software and hardware.

Quality testing at Cartamundi
Quality Testing at Cartamundi

Product integrity

Cartamundi offer a hands-on, very flexible approach to quality management and product safety in order to meet the requirements of every one of its different customers and their products.

Man checking quality of a playing cards printing sheet

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