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Efficient production

Our product optimisation team approaches every new enquiry as a unique project, and takes a detailed look at the number of cards or boards the customer wishes, the card size he has in mind, the required material, and a number of other specifications in order to evaluate if all the parameters add up to a game we can produce at a low price per unit, in a sustainable, efficient way. If necessary, of course, we will advise possible adjustments that respect the project’s nature while reducing its ecological footstep. A very common example of this is changing card sizes in order to minimise waste while maximising the used surface of every print sheet.

Person calculation price playing Cards
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Cost-Efficient production

With their eyes on the future, our product optimisation team is also involved in exciting product development project, working on the Internet of Things (and Games).

Cartamundi puts great importance in producing efficiently, and cost-efficiently. Our product optimisation team makes sure we do both for every project.

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