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Licensed card games

We maintain close contact with big licensors like Disney, Mattel, and Hasbro, which allows us to discover new licensing hypes in their popular portfolios, and negotiate the renewal of the successful licensing agreements we already have.
Cartamundi offers a strong range of consumer products based on many of these evergreen licenses, such as James Bond Playing Cards, or Disney Card Games. Furthermore, our proximity to the leading licensors allows us to advise our customers about trending licenses, and help them in reaching possible licensing agreements for their products, especially in the promotional card business this is a big strength.

Children playing Happy Families Card Game
Person checking Sheet Disney Princesses

Strong licenses

Cartamundi is a veteran in the licensing business, our clients benefit from our year-long experience, and from the fact that we are in close contact with important licensors. Besides forecasting and following global trends, we keep a close watch on strong, local licenses, an example of which is our successful range of Red Devils products.

Loyalty Card Campaign Disney

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