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An eye for detail

A complete team of photographers, graphic designers, and illustrators will guide and advise you during the complete design process of your card game, board game, or promotional card campaign. Experts in their field, our designers are always up to date with current trends and will find the shapes and colours that your game needs in order to reach a broad audience or a specific target group. Additionally, if required, they will help you translate the game’s design to point of sales material, packaging, or any other promotional material.

Man making illustrations for promotional card campaign
Vicky Van Haeren Creative Services Manager Cartamundi

Designing the difference

As passionate about gaming as we are dedicated to detail, Cartamundi is the perfect partner for the creation of your card game or board game. We offer a wide variety of skills, years of experience in visual branding and a profound knowledge of the toy market.

You don’t know how to start to design your own game? Check out our specifications guide or get in touch!

Simon Heylen looking at Cartamundi website on iMac

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