Turnhout, June 9, 2020 – This August, Medimundi start the production of FFP2 and FFP3 respirators. Medimundi is a spin-off company of Cartamundi and Antwerp University. The Medimundi consortium, together with machine builder Cloostermans and a private investor, will develop, manufacture, market and sell high-quality respirators. Cartamundi holds the operational lead in the new company.

The respirators provide the highest possible protection for the wearer and are predominantly intended for healthcare staff. Medimundi provides a 100% Made in Belgium solution for the shortages of high-quality respirators. The consortium made a combined starting investment of approximately €3.5m and plans to continue to invest in innovation, international expansion and a broader product portfolio.


Medimundi takes an important step for society

Medimundi will manufacture high-quality FFP2 and FFP3 respirators. David Germis, CEO of Medimundi confirms: “Together we take an important step for society. There is a significant shortage of these respirators in the healthcare sector. This type of respirator provides the highest possible protection for the wearer against pathogens such as bacteria and viruses, but also against carcinogenic substances. Respirators are indispensable for the healthcare workers who are at the frontline in the fight against the Covid-19 virus. The newly developed respirators will hold the European quality certificate, this is a standard to which only 20% of the imported respirators comply with.”

Rudy Mattheus Chairman of the Board of  Medimundi adds: “This is a perfect example of valorization and co-creation, built on family-owned entrepreneurship. Together we are committed to quality, creativity and sustainability. This results in high-quality respirators that offer a unique comfort to the wearer.”

Unique Belgian consortium unites scientists, engineers, manufacturers and investors.

The new Medimundi can rely and build on the experience and the supply chain of Cartamundi. The game maker from Turnhout provides know-how for the purchase of raw materials, the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of the respirators.

Starting this August, the FFP2 and FFP3 respirators will run from the production lines in Turnhout. These are intended for Belgium as well as for other countries. The network of Cartamundi facilities around the globe provides an ideal starting point internationally.

“We also have a societal role and we can only be successful if we are also relevant for society. This became clear again also during the recent lockdowns. We have seen numerous local initiatives from our staff all over the world, supporting public health and attempting to alleviate the most urgent needs”, comments Stefaan Merckx, CEO of Cartamundi. “We gladly put our full support behind this initiative. It is a part of our DNA and perfectly connects with our strategy of sustainable growth.”

Researchers from the Department of Product Development at the Antwerp University have designed the Medimundi respirators using innovative and protected technology. These respirators stand out because of the added comfort they provide for the wearer as they are completely aligned with our anatomy. In particular, the innovative filter and valve technology ease the breathing, for the wearer.

“From a model of sustainable cooperation, we turn research and development into innovation”, comments prof. Silvia Lenaerts, Vice-rector valorization at the Antwerp University. ”Our product developers hold unique design competencies that we can valorize with the foundation of Medimundi.  In combination with two unique family-owned businesses, the University creates a clear added value for society. We are very proud to be able to start with this complementary team, and we look forward to working together.”

Machine builder Cloostermans from Hamme develops and builds the exclusive machine that will produce the respirators.  And the engineering partner is up to its task: The family-owned business specializes in the production of tailor-made industrial machines. From our strength, connecting humans and technology to shape the future, we want to contribute to society in the fight against challenges of this new normal,” comments Hilde Cloostermans-Huwaert, Chair of Cloostermans and together with her husband Philip Corens, shareholder at Medimundi.


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