A truly unique experience

Nespresso had already organised several editions of the Nespresso Atelier in other countries when they contacted Cartamundi to collaborate on the Belgian edition of their culinary event. The Atelier, a perk for Nespresso club members, presented Nespresso’s Grand Crus in a high-quality gastronomic context by pairing the luxury coffee with the creativity of a selection of Belgium’s finest chefs, sommeliers and bartenders. The event took place at a splendid Antwerp location for a duration of ten days, with two or three different sessions held every day, each for a different group of Nespresso Club members. In order to treat the guests to a truly unique experience, every session differed from the last both in the team of experts that hosted it, and in the menus that were proposed. Besides wanting to offer an extraordinary experience to their members, Nespresso also aimed to showcase the story behind its product. Wishing to do so in a manner that reflected the brand and the standard of the event, Nespresso got in touch with Cartamundi.

Nespresso Atelier Cook Cards

What else?

On very short notice, with the event only two months ahead, Nespresso and Cartamundi met for a shared brainstorming session that resulted in a cohesive concept comprising special personal invitations, detailed information adapted to each respective session, and a means of thanking the guests for their presence after the event. Both Nespresso and Cartamundi being well aware of what it is they do best, the concept that ended up on top involved coffee, obviously, and cards. As straightforward as that may sound, things were about to get pretty complicated, and our newest digital printer would prove to be nothing short of indispensable.

Good night, and Good Luck

Taking into account the unforgiving deadline, and the technical complexity that comes with producing personal invitations and information cards for 36 different sessions (with as many different time tables, menus, and combinations of hosts), the project wasn’t any less ambitious in its design. The cards, containing information on one side, and a high-resolution picture on the other, were to be printed in an A6 format. A quarter of a standard size paper, this format is nothing out of the ordinary in the paper business, but humongous for any card manufacturer.

The invitations

Sent to a selection of Nespresso’s Belgian club members a week before the event, the mailing consisted of three cards, each one containing a visual, and informing the invitees about either the event’s location, its concept, or the specific session they were being asked to join. The invitations, printed in Dutch or French ,depending on the invitee’s preference, were delivered by post in a branded burlap bag with a handful of roasted coffee beans. Stimulating eye and nose, they did their job arousing appetite for the event.

Coffee Bean bag with deck of cards of l'Atelier Nespresso on a wooden table with loose coffee beans

The atelier

With everything and everyone putting their focus on food and drink, the table was the designated place to communicate during the event. In the midst of half-full glasses, high-class food and cutlery, beautiful cards informed those present about the chefs, sommeliers, and bartenders of their particular session, the menu, Nespresso coffee, and its manufacturing process.

The tuck box

In order for no one to go home empty-handed, different cards provided guests with recipes of the dishes they had enjoyed, and a goodie bag containing a branded Nespresso tuck box invited them to take home any of the cards they wished to hold on to. After the event, a last card was sent out by post, thanking everyone for their presence while showing a link to videos and an online photo album of the event.

Nespresso Atelier Menu Cards

    Take a look at the Nespresso website

    On this website, you can get an impression of the event in Antwerp: www.nespresso.com/atelier.