After two years of development in close collaboration with expert magicians and cardists, we are proud to present COPAG 310.

The cards

COPAG 310 playing cards are manufactured using the exclusive TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for longevity and supreme handling. This finish is the result of intense R&D and more than 300 prototypes, tried and tested. The soft but springy nature of the cards and the smoothness of handling lie in a carefully constructed balance between stock, coating, linen finish and cutting – altogether enabling the perfect sleight and the ultimate flourish. Tailored to your needs.

For magic…

COPAG 310 is tailored for magicians and their craft. The deck is standard poker size and ready to use straight out of the box, and it includes two identical jokers, a double-backer and a blank face – opening up the possibility to perform an even greater variety of routines. Furthermore, the deck has standard faces and a classic-looking back design, and it comes in the standard colours of red and blue – all to ensure that the cards are easy for your audience to read and cause as little suspicion as possible. This is further aided by the fact that COPAG is a well-renowned and respected poker brand.

Besides the standard deck, Cartamundi recently added three new members to the COPAG 310 family – a Svengali deck and a Stripper deck, along with the first edition in a series of COPAG 310 gaff decks with more to come!

…and for cardistry

The TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH has already made a name for itself in the cardistry community, with expert cardists especially applauding its high durability and amazing handling. This finish makes COPAG 310 the ideal tool for cardists in their never-ending journey towards new flourishes and perfect formations. Furthermore, the classic but unique floral patterned back design looks phenomenal in motion, with the central flower taking the spotlight in spinning moves and a nice, thick border reminiscing old casino decks.

COPAG 310 makes for an amazing standard deck for cardistry – an art form that we are far from done exploring.

The number

We could state that 310 is bound to 3/10 – October 3rd – which is in fact the very date that TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH went into production for the first time. Others might think that 310 holds a reference to Ancient Greek numerology, while magicians will probably tell you that 310 refers to 31/10, World Magic Day. But what does 310 mean to you? What is your story?

What do the experts say?

“Designing a deck is cool and trendy. But to make your card-enthusiastic customers truly satisfied to the fullest, you have to make high quality decisions. One of mine was choosing the TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH for Diva.” – ALEXANDRE MATENCIO, cardist

“You can really tell Cartamundi has been putting a lot of effort in making the quality of their cards better. They feel amazing and last you a long time.” – BAS JOHN, cardist

“Arguably one of the finest finishes that I’ve experienced. I have no doubt that these will be the deck-of-choice for all future card-makers – including myself!” – DANIEL MADISON, magician

“Cartamundi has found the new standard of playing cards. The TRUE LINEN B9 FINISH is absolutely phenomenal.” – HARAPAN ONG, magician

“The B9 FINISH is everything that I look for when handling cards, if you are not 110% satisfied, I’ll give you back your money myself.” – JAMIE RAVEN, magician

“Angel feathers in card form. These cards feel great.” – JASPAS DECK, cardist

“The quality is unlike anything I have ever experienced in a deck. The quality is unreal, every detail is taken into account. I can’t say enough!” – MATT FOX, cardist

“Unrivalled quality, instantly unmistakable. Long live Cartamundi.” – OLLIE MEALING, magician

“I like to think that B9 stands for Butterfly 9 because I like my cards to be associated with the world’s best quality.” – ONDŘEJ PŠENIČKA, magician

“Taking the deck out of the box is all you need to do to realize these are different. The finish and feel are like no other. I would make babies with these cards.” – PIGCAKE, YouTube phenomenon

“The B9 FINISH is soft, durable, and feels great in the hands.” – SHIN LIM, magician

    Want to learn more?

    If you want to learn more about COAPG 310 or the COPAG brand in general, visit the official COPAG 310 website or our COPAG brand page.