Copag - the World Series of Poker

“Putting quality playing cards on the tables at the WSOP is one of the most important elements of the entire event”, WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart said in a statement. “We’re extremely pleased that Copag, given their track record to successfully supply some of the top poker tournaments in the world, will be the World Series of Poker partner in 2016 and beyond.” The new deal with Copag was met with mostly warm reaction from the poker community.

Well, there you go. When it comes to world class quality cards for poker tournaments and casino’s, Cartamundi is a preferred partner to the professionals. Probably because we know that top quality playing cards are very much part of the infamous ‘casino experience’. The touch of the cards, the smoothness, the impeccable performance… we know that all those aspects of the experience are crucial. And that’s why our factories worldwide like to focus on delivering the best manufacturing services to casino’s.

A historical experience

If you’ ve ever walked the floor of a casino, or spent the night shuffling cards around a table of highly focussed poker players, you were probably busy trying to read your opponents, win you some money and absorb all the gaming excitement around you. We bet you didn’t realize at that time you were actually enjoying an experience that has a long history? Oh yes, casinos go way back, even to the19th century. When the term casino came to include public buildings where ‘pleasurable’ activities took place. Such edifices were usually built on the grounds of a larger Italian villa or palazzo, and were used to host civic town functions, including dancing, gambling, music listening, and sports.

Waiting for that ‘rush’

These days, casinos have evolved of course.They are all about having fun, and forgetting about time. Mostly it is about going for the one lucky streak or waiting for that ‘rush’ at the poker table – that sublime moment that emerges mysteriously and that can end unpredictably but that can also be one sweet ride when you are on it. For some professionals out there, playing a poker game like Texas Hold Em is even like science or even math. They won’t rest until they discover the secret  to a succesful pokergame.

To be honest, when people at Cartamundi talk about the subject of casinos, it is simply because we love manufacturing superior cards. It is our firm ambition to always deliver the most reliable, smooth and flawless casino cards. How we do that? We leave nothing to chance. We like to leave chance to the casino players.

The details matter!

Our 100% plastic cards are produced in high quality PVC and are internationally recognized for their exclusive properties. We guarantee our casino clients smooth handling, long durability, soft touch and great performance in shuffling machines. Cartamundi’s paper cards for casinos are produced on high quality coated paper, non transparent, non-toxic and recyclable.

The cards are made of unique prelinen paper which reduces friction and increases gilding and durability. Smooth finish is available upon request. Another advantage is that our cards are compatible with available shufflers and generic intelligent shoes.


Cartamundi casino cards are produced in standard market size: 63*88 poker size. The faces are printed in pantone colours; black, blue, yellow and red. The colour red of the card faces can be reproduced in two different options, casino red en cherry red.

Other sizes and designs can also be offered upon request. Also, a custom Ace of Spades with your design on it can be provided. Please contact us for more information.

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