Playing is fun.

Fact! But its benefits go beyond mere fun. For every group in society, playing holds many surprises in store. In this series, we zoom in on how playing cards and board games can lead to a better, more balanced life.

Experts from different fields–from board game design to neuroscience–share their personal insights on the magic of playing together. You’ll learn something new. You’ll smile. You’ll feel the urge to get together, pull a game out and play. Or to start making your own game.

Pick your topic and take a deep dive into the benefits of play:

Playing together is…


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  • …caring about your mental health
  • …reducing stress and avoiding burn-out
  • …boosting creativity and productivity
  • …helping kids develop essential life skills
  • …enhancing our memory as we age
  • …spending time in a fun and meaningful way


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