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Card Making & Packaging

Our card making service turns finished printing sheets into packaged decks of cards, ready to be distributed.
This process is executed almost completely automatically.


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Loyalty Collectable Programm Delhaize Belgium Food Retailer with sticker, cards and poster

Once a printing sheet is finished, it is sent to the card making department, where a machine cuts the sheets into slices, and the slices into cards. Still on the same machine, the freshly cut cards get arranged, packaged, and wrapped in cellophane if necessary.

Our factory in Belgium specialises in metallic flowpacks and the environmentally friendly cardboard booster packs typically used for collectible card games and loyalty campaigns, while other Cartamundi locations specialise in different packaging solutions.
When required, production lines conform to hygiene rules and food approval specifications.

Person packing playing cards in a packaging
Window tuck boxes for card games in Cartamundi Card Making Department

Highly automated, Cartamundi’s card making service is known for its flexibility and cost-efficiency.
Our precise, sophisticated machinery is expertly operated by experienced employees.

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Board game packaging production at Cartamundi Ireland

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