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Retail catalogue 2017

Playing is discovering

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Playing is discovering

Cartamundi has a rich history dating all the way back to 1765. We have Belgian roots, but today our card and board games are made and played all over the world. You will probably even find us in your own games cupboard! We are the brand you don’t know you love.

You learn a great deal simply by playing games together. It teaches you strategy, morality, psychology, tactics, politics, diplomacy and more. Playing games together shapes you as a person, both socially and emotionally. You learn to deal with loss and bad luck, as well as with conflict and frustration.

But you also learn how to be a proud, but noble winner. Playing games makes us wiser. The world really could use some extra wisdom, right?

Cartamundi aims to reach as many people as possible, in all corners of the globe, from all cultures and of all classes and ages. Because creating games and making them is a passion … it is a craft.

Practised by real people, with lots of knowledge and many years of experience behind them, who give the very best of themselves each and every day. You can feel this craftsmanship in every product we make.

Together with my global team, it is my duty as CEO to add more chapters to this story that are worthy of the Cartamundi name. You are valuable part of this story, and even more so, you play a crucial role in sharing these magical moments. For this, I would like to express my sincere thanks.

Chris Van Doorslaer, CEO

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